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It can be hard to have an open heart when there are so many struggles all around us. Everywhere you look, there’s strife in some corner of the world or even right under your next door neighbor’s roof. While some may shirk from the responsibility of trying to make this world a better place, Todd Shupe isn’t one of them. That’s because Todd Shupe has used his Ph.D. from LSU in Baton Rouge in wood science and devout faith in a higher power to help the planet and the lives of the less fortunate. With technical skills in wood science, lean manufacturing, quality management and new product development, Todd Shupe can be of assistance in researching and developing of renewable resource projects. These skills come thanks to 20 years of wood science research and new product development at LSU. What’s more, he has also been called as an expert witness in numerous wood-related legal cases. In an era where the sustainability of construction and related materials are front and center, the skills that Todd Shupe has amassed are worth bringing aboard for your next wood-related project no matter how big or small.

Combined with his concern for Earth-friendly construction methods, Todd Shupe’s time spent trying to improve the lives of the less fortunate has had a great impact on himself and those around him.  He travled over a dozen times with a team from LSU to assist in the restablishment and improvement of the local wood products inudstry in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch in 1998.  Whether working as a volunteer on fishing trips with the children of incarcerated parents, ministering to the homeless in Baton Rouge or volunteering his services for churches, Todd Shupe is dedicated to building a better world on a solid faith-based foundation. As a member of Promise Keepers, which is a Christ-centered organization aiming to inspire men across the globe, he has helped to spread the word of God and help those who may find themselves in a dark place. Those looking to learn more about Shupe, a resident of Baton Rouge,  and his decades of educational and religious services should be pleased to learn that he’s devoted to both categories.

“So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit.”  Matthew 7:17 (ESV)